Friday, 22 January 2010

se7en analysis


Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman star in this thriller based upon the seven deadly sins and is directed by David Fincher.

The opening of the film begins with a low angle medium close up of a black male character, who is shown to be in bed. The lighting is low key with only the lamp acting as a source of artificial light. From an establishing shot of the room, in terms of mise-en-scene, the books that are seen would suggest the male character is educated and quite intelligent. The sound of the diegetic environment becomes more apparant from the slow zooming in shots. Traffic from outside can be heard aswell as the the ticking clock on the bedside table that gets growingly louder until it cuts to a series of short shots, effectively a montage which gradually reveals the underline sense of the plot as time goes on. The title sequence consists of a multiple short shots with the font showcasing the actors and name of the film. The typography that is used appears almost child-like as it is quite scruffy, aswell as what looks like carved writing, suggesting an unveiling of psychological tortoruous events, supported by the rapid sepia shots of sharp instruments, the cutting of skin, various photographs of children and droplets of blood. An enigma is created as the killer is not shown, only his/her hands that appear to be stitching thin sheets of paper together, that includes alot of handwriting, almost like a diary. The use of this creates a puzzle for the audience as the shots only last a few seconds each, most of them not even that, which effectively doesn't give away the plot of the film. Non diegetic music can be heard as the montage of clips is showing. The music sounds as if the record is being scratched, with a scream-like quality added for effect.

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