Friday, 22 January 2010

Sin City - opening sequence analysis (up to 4 minutes 39 seconds)

The opening of Sin City actually begins with a male voice over from actor Josh Hartnett, suggesting he may be a main character in the film, whilst a setting of a balcony in a high built area is shown with a woman, wearing a red dress, which is contrasted with the black and white 'film noir' image. She appears to be a typical 'femme fatale' again which looks to be influenced by film noir elements and the setting, mise-en-scene, and dialogue connotes that of a previous time, maybe the 1940's. The non diegetic music of saxophones can be heard, linking with the old style that has been initially created, although before this, the ambient of the setting can be heard, with what sounds like wind, traffic, police or ambulance cars, suggesting a high crime area is beneath them, as well as the sound of car horns. A completely black and white shot of the two characters kissing is shown, an unconventional trait for any film made in the 21st century, however it reinforces that of a previous era. A close up shot of the two portrays the event that occurs next, with the male shooting the woman, connoting an immediate mystery as to why, and only the ambient sound of the rain can be heard.
Title sequence:
  • The camera zooms out from the balcony showing a view of a large built up city, establishing where the film will be set.
  • Non diegetic music can be once again heard, this time it appears to be more of a modern style, although still with elements of the 40's and 50's as the saxophones and other musical instruments associated with this era are still playing.
  • The title of the film 'Sin City' is shown layered upon the aerial city view, with the same bold colour of red (perhaps connoting blood and death) pouring onto the actual words, creating a much clearer, more visible typography for the title. The font looks to be that from a comic or a dated magazine. The strong red is contrasted with the completely black background.
  • This is then again connoted when the actors and actresses name's appear, continuing with the them of black and white with the same colour of red used for the credits, aswell as a bright white which outlines each of them.
  • Along with each name appears a character, of what looks like a character that would be in a comic book, however most connote the image of a villain, rather than heroes, linking in with the theme and basis of the plot.
  • Each shot only lasts a few seconds, with the image of the character fading out, just before that of the writing.
  • The title sequence ends with the credits and the creator/director of the Sin City novel and now film, Frank Miller.
  • The shot cuts to a black background.

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