Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Evaluation- audience feedback

After a viewing of all the films in our class, in terms of feedback that we got it was overall positive. Classmates said that there was a good use of conventions for the thriller genre such as the mise-en-scene. The lurking point of view shot which we thought would add a sinister effect turned out well when the audience commented positively, as well as the build up of the montage sequence which they said created suspense, something which we were hoping for. They also agreed that the pace of shots worked well, in terms of the rapidity of the film. Another comment was that they liked the use of sound as it quickened as the plot progressed. A negative comment was that someone would have rather been able to see the faces of the characters in the film, however after considering this comment, this doesn't coincide with the effect of mystery and the enigma we wanted to create, hence the title Anonymity.

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