Thursday, 4 February 2010

Initial planning for our film

Our thriller film,we have decided, will be a certificate of 15, as we intend to aim it at teenagers and young adults between the ages of 15 and 24. In terms of a storyline, the two minute opening will give away certain aspects of the plot to set a basis for the audience, however as it is such a short production and only includes a title and opening sequence, a storyline is not essential, although for our main character, some background information will be provided from the initial setting of the film.

1. The film will be set in the 1970's, as a result of the intention to break away from stereotypical conventions in which thrillers of the modern day are often set.
2. The male main character will be the ideal serial killer due to his servitude in the police force as a detective, in which he will obviously not be the one to be suspected.
3. Although his face will not be shown, the audience can establish he is a man from various shots of his head, hands and attire, in which he will most likely wear a formal, professional suit.
4. The character is a family man, provided by the photographs of a wife and children, leading onto the psychologically disturbing pictures of various unidentified families, with each and every face cut out, leaving just the bodies.
5. The initial opening will be followed by a montage of clips, which are additioned by title and production names of multiple made-up companies that will link to the film appropriately.
6. Each shot will be of a rapid pace, in a style of flashbacks (relating to the element of film noir).
From the eventuallity of the montage and clips, an intention of what is to come is given to the audience.

This initial planning may however change for whatever reasons, whether it any of our ideas will be inconceivable with the time and resources we have.This planning acts as a basis for our later research.

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