Monday, 1 February 2010

Production on film - group/genre

Our group consists of four people, each will be involved in the development and production of our 2 minute title and opening sequence for a film. We have not yet formerly decided which genre our film will be, however we feel that the Thriller genre would enable us to create some really good visual effects aswell as creating a basis for a plot for the audience to be able to interact with our short production. Initial planning will be research on other types of thriller films and ultimately other genres if we decide to go in a different direction to that of a thriller. I personally think that research helps to connote the various elements of this particular genre, such as those of the classic 'Film Noir' flashbacks, and eventually it will help us to create a film that is effective and that fits into the catorgory of thriller. Another genre i am interested in is horror, however i think research would prove that this specific genre would be difficult to convey in our own 2 minute film as it would need to consist of elements that generally make horror films what they are such as blood,guts and gore. I feel that there could be some potential in creating a film based on this genre, although i think a thriller would incorprate this aswell as providing a sufficient basis for an effective title and opening sequence.

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