Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Costumes which we are planning on using for the filming;

Main character; as shown in previous planning, will wear a black trench coat or a professional coat to show he is a business man.
Black trousers and shoes will also be suitable in completing the overall aesthetic quality of the look.
We may perhaps use a wedding ring in a close up to show he is/was married - acting as a device for possible explanations as to the pictures of families throughout the montage.

The two people are planning to use for characters of the detective/police officers will be in formal attire also, wearing either the colours of black or grey clothing.

There will be no other costumes that we plan to use as there aren't other characters of importance, except for the multitude of pictures with the faces cut out.
We will only see the main character in various close up and medium shots to keep a sense of mystery and create an enigma.

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