Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Task for week beginning 8th (and shooting schedule)

For the week beginning monday;

We are planning to film certain aspects of our production so the week after we can spend more time editing and getting the right shots that we want. This means if there are shots or parts that we dont like, we can decide as a group to film it again.

Monday 8th: Begin filming first few shots of our storyboard, including the walking of the two characters, aswell as the point of view shots.

Wednesday 10th:Filming various other shots ... continuing with storyboard sequence to get best possible effect.

(throughout various days in the week we will make time to shoot the canal scenes with the body bag.)

Monday 15th: we hope by this time that all filming will be done filming the basis of our film, and will use this day to film any final aspects that we need which we feel will be appropriate.

We are hoping to stick to the schedule and task however due to unforseen circumstances we know that this may not be possible, although we will make time to film all the essential shots to the standard we feel is good enough.

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