Monday, 8 March 2010

Production company Logos

Aswell as creating an opening for a film, the title sequence will be a significant aspect in producing something that will look realistic and effective.

The production company titles that are shown here provided, usually, before the opening of the film, although sometimes they are shown when the film itself has finished. Obviously because our production will only be two minutes long, the production title will have to be at the beginning, then followed by other titles including that of the people who starred in the film, and us who made it.
In developing a production company title, in our group, we will need to sit down and decide a name, preferably one that will suit the genre of our thriller film. We will need to think about what colours we will use, i feel black or a dark blue will be best suited as it connotes that of a dark film. In terms of typography, a typewriter font that we are planning to include in our film will link especially well.

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