Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Our own production Logo

In our group, a production name and logo has been decided upon. After deliberating between two names 'Chiller Productions' and 'Impact Productions't he name we agreed upon is Impact Productions and the colours which we have centred it around are a silver,grey and almost blue, which could be compared with the Pixar Production title which also include these colours. The image of a cup with still droplets of water in the air have been used to make the logo look more professional, and the colour scheme and picture isn't something that is usually associated with that of the thriller genre, therefore it is unconventional in terms of titles. The typography is 'AvantGarde' and the word Impact is slighlty faded out, with the word productions placed over it. I think the water droplets in the air are particularly unique and different for a logo of this kind. Lewis used Corel Photo-Paint to create this logo then saved it as a JPEG file in order to post it onto the blog.

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