Friday, 19 March 2010

Final filming

We have finished filming all the parts we need to create an effective thriller film. The shots we filmed yesterday were of Lewis's head (as he is the male character who is the killer of the film), a police badge to represent him working within the police force. We used some of the pictures we had for our final shot of the torch on the wall, with the face being scratched by Lewis with a pen knife, aswell as being ripped up. We used a Cool light and turned off the media room lights to create a dark, office type of effect to make the rest of the film look more realistic and in sync. This provided a more sinister atmosphere, with the space and time that we had.

Previously, we have filmed partial aspects of the film then edited when we had a lesson, and now we have uploaded the final scenes to the mac we can edit what's left and what needs editing. So far, we have put in place black screens and arranged all the shots in order. Also, there are now titles with our names on saying that we produced and directed the film. The word 'Anonymity' appears in the final shot as shown in storyboard however, the fonts that are available are ones we don't like, so we need to figure out a way of getting a typography that suits the film.
In terms of sound, we have found a perfect non diegetic sound for the ending which is 'breathing' as we want it to appear as someone is looking at the photos with intensity. We have a few other sounds decided yet we just need to place them where we think is suitable.

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