Thursday, 4 March 2010

Green screen Experiments/practice

This is our short video of our experiment using the green screen. As you can see, the effects didn't turn our very well, with group member hannah appearing to be almost transparent. We used a worn down landscape background of what appears to be a tunnel, just to see how it turned out. This background appeared particularly well and in parts was in colour, as was the daylight city landscape of New York, a city often used in crime thrillers due to the conventions of the built up areas. A background shot of leicester city centre was used, however it only appeared in the colour of the green screen, and not in full colour that it is meant to be in. As this was a practice, we just had hannah walking back and forth to see how effective the green screen was, however we don't think we'll be using it as it doesn't give a good aesthetic quality, and we feel our filming will look alot better if we use realistic shots for backgrounds.

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