Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Locations for filming

For our 2 minute production, we are creating a shooting schedule which will act as a guide for us, hopefully proving successful. Aswell as this. we need to decide where we will film for our movie, as we need convincing and suitable places to make the production look the best possible.

Locations that we are planning to use will hopefully be easily accessible and effective in the final production of our film. Some of the locations are ;

  • School (seperate locations with the use of trees for our point of view shots especially), we will need to use probably only a few shots including parts of the school as we think it will look different and effective if there aren't many shots filmed in school or on site.
  • By a canal where we will film aspects of the montage including jump cuts of our lead male character hovering over and moving a body bag.
  • We will need a shot of the water in the canal for the view of the rippling water connoting that the body has been placed there. This will also relate to the sound which we are planning to combine of the splashing water.
  • Hannah's barn which contains the sink we will use, aswell as the final shot for the wall containing pictures. The final shot portraying the pictures shown by a flash light torch will probably be our most important and significant shot as we need an ending to the film which will leave the audience hopefully mystified and wanting to know what happens.

I think the fewer locations we use will be more effective in terms of having enough time to shoot it, meaning we can spend more time editing which will need. I dont think limited locations will make our film look of less quality either.

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