Thursday, 4 March 2010


I like this font due to the fact that it looks like it could have been written on a typewriter, ideal considering this is featured numerous times within our storyboard. A font such as this would be suitable for production titles etc however i dont think it's bold enough for the film's title.

I particularly like this font as it appears as if it has been scratched or written nervously, and it also reminds me of the font used in the thriller Se7en.

This font is bold, although i dont think it would suit our thriller opening as it looks more suited to an action genre film, rather than a psychological thriller.

I really like this one as it again looks as it has been scratched or encarved into something, connoting that a sharp blade etc has been used to write it, giving the element of danger.

This font is probably best suited to the title for our film as it gives the impression a typewriter has been used, which creates a better aesthetic quality in our production. I prefer how some letters are bolder than others, giving a variety.

This reminds me of the typography used for 'The Ring' so i think it wouldn't be suitable for what we are planning to create through our thriller.

I don't like this font particularly as it looks kind of technical and more suited to a sci-fi film, so this would not be used for our film.

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