Thursday, 4 March 2010

experimenting with shots

This video is of experimentation with the use of camera angles and varying timed shots.

Lewis in our group filmed me and hannah walking numerous times out of various doors (filmed around countesthorpe college as an aid for practice of camera skills and use of equipment), recording our legs and feet in order to connote that the camera is focusing on these individuals who will play the two officer characters as they are significant and in our final production, will provide aspects of dialogue.

  • The first shot is of a blue door with me and hannah walking out. The camera does not show our faces as we want to keep their identity a secret for purposes of adding more effect to the final production.
  • The second shot is of us walking out the same door however this time from the side, and almost behind the door in order to create a kind of lurking point of view shot, a shot shown in our storyboard and what we want to include in the film. The camera also follows our feet moving.
  • The third is of the same angle and place yet this time at the end the camera zooms in on our feet, although it looks good, i feel that if we are trying to create a point of view shot, this wouldn't make it look very realistic.
  • Next, is a shot from the opposit side from which the camera was last, and this time more of a side view as we see me and hannah walk out of the door, and the shot is cut when we walk down the step.
  • The final shot is a meduim shot of us walking out of another door, still not seeing our faces but more of the characters than the shots before. The camera then follows us walking for a bit ending on a shot of the blue wall panels.

I think in terms of point of view shots, long shots will be most effective due to the sense of 'lurking' and convention of 'stalking' which makes the audience uncomfortable for the characters being watched.

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