Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Risk Assessment

During our filming, there may be objects which we need for props that will cause safety issues.

  1. Matches are planning on being used to connote the sense of danger and to contrast with the darkness of the shot. Issues with this could be that something could be set alight, however it will be in controlled conditions where we make sure no harm or damage comes to anyone or anything.
  2. Smashed photo frame - the glass could cut someone although we are only planning to use it for show, and safety cautions will be provided.

  3. The blade/or cutting object - Will also only be used as a prop (if we plan on including it at all) and is used to connote the audience it was used to cut out the faces of the people in the pictures.

  4. Water in the canal - We know that we will have to be careful when filming near water due to the equipment such as the camera's and tripods etc.

All these things do pose risk to others however if done responibly and correctly then no harm or damage will be done to anyone or any other props or locations, and the overall eventuall film will look of better and higher quality.

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