Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Props needed for filming

For our filming, we will need to organise which props we find suitable and effective.

For our male lead character:

  • a trench coat, preferably black to connote his professionality and show or hint to the audience he is in the police work force (later shown by the badge we are hoping to involve.)

To establish different environments, we will need varying props:

  • Documents containg writing to show a working environment of an office.
  • A picture frame which will be smashed, at first it will be turned over so the picture cannot be seen, connoting mystery.
  • A match or lighter will be light but no cigarette or anything harmful being done to any cast member or any of the props or locations we are planning to use.
  • A variety of pictures, which we are hoping to make photographs, will be needed when the character fummages frantically through them, the photos will contain families, all varying and seemingly having no connection.
  • A cutting object of some sort will be used for the cutting out of faces on the photographs.
  • A dry cleaning bag or a large bag of some sort to suggest a body is being dragged into the canal.
  • A sink, which we are planning to shoot in black and white, with various aspects of the montage, which will be needed to show what looks like blood running down it.
  • An ink of some sort for the effect of blood, the colour doesn't matter due to the black and white 'film noir' effect.
  • A police badge to show a sense of background to the character.
  • The typewriter we are going to use will be for the sound effect of the film title at the end.
  • A flashlight - which will uncover the pictures at the end of the 2 minute production.

We know that it may not be possible due to safety reasons that we can't use certain props for filming however we could make alterations during shooting the film.

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