Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Difficulties with editing

In terms of editing, we have had some difficulties of late with other classes using the mac that we need. It is quite hard to get a mac unless it is one that no one really uses or one that is booked for after school or during lunch.
We have found trying to get a suitable font difficult aswell because there are only a certain few that the mac wants you to use, so the font that probably will be on our final product won't necessarily match those that we have put onto our blogs.
At the moment, we are playing around with the title sequence we want to have, and where to place it. We currently have all of our shots the right length that we want, however there are disputes within our group as Lewis feels that the opening shots are too long, whereas me and Hannah disagree, as they are meant to be that length to juxtapose with the montage and so the audience can tell there is an ellipsis. Also, our film at the moment comes to 1 minute 25 seconds, which is not quite 2 minutes, however i think that if we cut anymore shots down, then this time will rapidly decrease and we won't have much of a film left to watch.

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